About Ironman Security Services

We were incorporated in the year 2003 , Since then we are committed to the protection and security of cities , companies, celebrities in India and off source.

Our management team comprises of highly trained personnel with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of security, investigations & risk management.

With the rapid change in technologies , the kinds of crime and security problems we face today are different from those of twenty years ago and they continue to change.

Our training programmes are based around the need of current situation to develop sophisticated techniques and strategies to understand, detect and counter crime and security vulnerabilities.

We have over a 97% client retention rate, this is proved by our client list

Security Guards Training

Our Training rooms are equipped with art security and training equipment e.g. metal detectors, and LCD projectors.Our security guard has to pass a certification training.

Regular Client Feedback

Regular monthly feedback is taken from every client for each security guard and based on this feedback every security guard is given an incentive each month.

Regular Night Check

There are two dedicated night checking teams besides field officers and managers who conduct checks every night. Your post will likely be checked at least 4 times every week at night.


Monthly audits are done for all areas / routes by a team reporting directly to director and based on the audit performance incentives are given to field / route officers and managers


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