Corporate Security

Corporate Security

Ironman is well recognized name engaged in providing corporate security services. We safeguard the property, life and asset. Our security personnel utilize defensive techniques in order to prevent and deter crime, thefts, etc. Our corporate security is capable of handling all emergency situations in most efficient manner. Duties of a corporate security in Shopping Mall or Retail store are altogether different, First step to plan any security is to know lay out and functions at any site. And buildings and financial institutions are hired to guard the entrances and exits to buildings, protect employees and customers, respond to company alarms and provide general surveillance. 

We select our corporate security on the basis of their merits and give them superb training. Our guards are always ready for rapid and best performance. We select our security Guards on the basis of their merits and give them superb training.

Corporate Security Services Responsibility 

  1. Monitoring Entry and Exist of personnel
  2. Checking of goods/ stores moving out or being brought into the premises.
  3. Building Security.
  4. External Vigilance

any situation at any place according to the demands of our clients. So our offered services are best for highly appreciated for their promptness, flexibility and timely executions.

Our company has set benchmark in providing Manned Guard Service.


  1. Quick and prompt service
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Skilled workforce
  4. Provision of guards for static posts and mobile/ beat patrols for all types of premises.